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What we believe

Cart is about e-commerce and dropshipping, and both are trends right now.
That's possible because "no-code" platforms like Shopify allow users to easily set up an online store and start selling. There was a time when you actually had to code your website first and then start to sell, whereas now you can start selling in hours, not weeks.
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What worries us the most is that because people are attracted to e-commerce for the first time, there are a lot of gurus trying to take advantage of them, promising they will make a lot of money quickly, and almost effortlessly. If you are into e-commerce, you have probably seen these guys on YouTube or Facebook.
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As a result, people are desperately searching for "hot" products or "winning" products, as some call them. Here are some Facebook conversations that prove this trend:
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Winning products are products that others swear are "proven to sell".
Most of our competitors give these products away (for a fee) so that the store owner can save time and skip the research phase, hopefully making a quick buck.
In reality, because these platforms have thousands of users, what happens is that everybody is selling the same products, and those products quickly become saturated.
We could easily take advantage of this, and just limit the platform to supply these "hot" products to users. What we did, instead, was build a platform where you can find your own "winning" products.
It comes down to what we believe. We essentially believe in 2 things:
  1. There's no substitute for hard work and good research
  1. Data trumps everything

    There's no substitute for hard work and good research

    Why would you take someone else's word instead of doing your own research?
    Most people do it because they are looking for shortcuts to success. We are sorry to deliver the news, but there are no shortcuts.
    The only way you are going to become successful in the e-commerce industry, whether you are dropshipping or not, is by putting in the hard work. You cannot just trust someone else's word that a certain product will sell because there are a number of factors affecting whether you are going to be successful or not.
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    But, there is good news: we can facilitate the process of finding good, unique products for you to sell. That's what Cart is about: we give you the tools you need to find unique products and designs to sell.
    You can search products, suppliers, trends, and pretty much all of Shopify's stores on our platform to not only take inspiration, but also conduct your own research and spot unique products to dropship, or designs to print on demand.

    Data trumps everything

    Cart's foundation is technology. We use the latest technologies available to collect, maintain and present large datasets.
    Most of our competitors do not even have a tech background that helps them do that. Most of them do not collect the data in the first place. They just have a team of assistants who manually go to sourcing websites (like the ones listed here) trying to find good products.
    Some competitors even declare that they track sales of stores, as we do. In reality, they do estimates. They just take the estimated monthly traffic of a store, which is available on sites like, and multiply that number by some kind of number they come up with (some use average order value). This is a very poor way to track estimate sales!
    We are the only platform that tracks sales directly from stores, down to which variants of a certain product are selling the most. In most cases, we also track restocks and returns. Sales data is very accurate and even confirmed by some of the store owners using Cart.
    We can also easily prove we have the largest dataset of stores and products compared to all of our competitors. Just look at our numbers and compare for yourself.

    Our competitors

    New competitors come out every week now. Some of them are OK, others are scammy.For example, Salehoo uses affiliates very aggressively to promote the product, even on our Fb page reviews.
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    You can see how the affiliate by the name of "Frungh" is spamming a shady link, which redirects to the Clickbank offer of our competitor. This is done so that our competitor can track that potential sales come from the unique link of that affiliate and pay him.
    Here is a list of all the competitors we know about, feel free to recommend more to us in the chat! =)
    Stores and products.
    They only have "winning" products.
    Products database + "winning" products. Possibly defunct.
    Shopify stores only.
    They only have "winning" products.
    They only have "winning" products.
    Some Shopify stores + "winning" products.
    They only have "winning" products.
    Some Shopify stores and products.
    Some Shopify stores, "winning" products.
    They only have "winning" products.
    Some stores + "winning" products.
    They only have suppliers.
    They have a very limited amount of stores they track.
    They only have "winning" products.
    They only have "winning" products.

    Cart vs Cart

    Before competing with everyone else, we like to compete with ourselves first. While our competitors typically operate in the dark and use shady marketing tactics, we are committed to being more open about what we do.
    As transparency is one of our core company principles, we are VERY open with numbers since we started. You can find the live app and revenue numbers here. We even have these publicly available by API.

    How to choose an e-commerce intelligence platform

    Now that you know what we believe in and why, and how our competitors typically operate, it comes down to one simple question:

    What do you believe?

    Do you want to believe in shortcuts and just take what everyone wants you to believe is "hot"? Or, do you want to find out for yourself and create your own research process?
    It's your call now.

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