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I started Angage in my bedroom in December 2018 and since then I continuously improved the product on a mission to deliver actionable e-commerce insights to store owners like you.
Today we are excited to announce that Angage is just Cart!
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Angage served us well over these past years, but it was not a great, memorable name. Mainly the issue was that it suggested an English word (engage), but you would spell it with an "a" (angage).
The other issue was with the domain. As a bootstrapper and founder, I put a lot of emphasis on velocity, which for me means going to market as fast as I can. That's why I came up with the name and purchased the next available domain in less than 2 minutes.
Having a good product name, or even a good domain, are not essential things when you are launching a new SaaS, and to this day I think that was the right way to operate. The .com for angage wasn't available so I went with, but we always wanted a .com.
Cart is a smart, memorable name that has to do with e-commerce and I think can be taken in so many directions. is available for purchase but unfortunately too expensive for us, so I settled for, which is still short and memorable enough.
A rebranding wouldn't be complete without a new logo. Because I wanted to go to market super-fast, I originally made Angage's logo myself in less than 1 minute by just adding a layer and rotating an image I found on a free logo site called LogoDust. Now, we have a proper one.
To all of our existing users: all systems are now operational on, including your account. You can login with the same credentials that you used on our previous app. We also coded some more great features into the product and hope you like it!
To all of our potential users: Cart is now more powerful than ever!
Sign-up here to start getting data on your competitor stores.
Finally, if you love the new logo, or you love the app and would like to support it, head over to our own store to purchase a Cart t-shirt.
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