Trends of a Season: Summer 2018

In this issue, we analyze high-level trends that are emerging from transactions of 50,000 stores and a catalog of ~6M products.These are trends emerging this summer!

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In this issue, we analyze high-level trends that are emerging from transactions of 50,000 stores and a catalog of ~6M products.
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Key Events

As we are in the warmer months of the year, retail websites are gearing up for important seasonal ecommerce trends and events. It's important that you market around these events.
Here are the Top U.S. ecommerce traffic-driving events during summer:
  • Wedding Season
Summer is a popular time to say, “I do”. In 2016 $59 billion was spent on U.S. weddings, and with more couples taking wedding planning online, this season is ripe for ecommerce success. 90% of wedding couples say they used their smartphones for wedding planning activities, including the 62% of brides-to-be who browsed for a wedding gown on their mobile devices. Online retailer eBay has found that wedding-related searches increased by 33% during June 2016 compared to prior months.
  • Back-to-School and College Season
Back-to-school shopping covers a wide swath of retail items, from school supplies to dorm furniture, and represents the second-largest U.S. consumer spending season for retailers at $83 billion in 2017. In 2016, back-to-school ecommerce sales surpassed $64 billion in the U.S. alone. More than 44% of back-to-college and 45% of back-to-school consumers went online for their shopping in 2017.
  • Labor Day (Sep 3)
Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Labor Day was actually meant to celebrate the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. That means that everything that is perceived as "Made In America" will sell well. A few marketing ideas you can play with during this time also include end of summer clearances and teasing upcoming holiday sales.

Trendy Products To Sell

A new season gives online businesses a good chance to broaden the range of products and offer customers up-to-date items to purchase. A dropshipping or regular e-commerce business is not about selling seasonal items only, but this can be a good way to up-sell and cross-sell your customers, current and future =)
  • Products related to the beach life!
Seems a given, Swimming costumes are always in demand in Summer season.
  • Products related to woman fashion
We spotted that Cat Sunglasses, Backless Dresses, Boho Dresses, Push Up Bra and Transparent Shoes are trendy now, among other items.
  • Products for outdoor activities
We spotted there's a demand for Travel Bags, Hiking Bags, Motorcycle Jackets, Bike Wear and Bike Lights. And what about grilling on the beach with a Mini Grill? Also in high-demand!
  • Products for losing weight!
I know, I know.. summer is already here, but maybe you are not in your top shape, yet! That's why we spotted Body Shapers and Gym Gloves to be in high demand, too!
  • Products for your home!
We spotted that Water Hoses are in high demand. Products for home (wall decors, cooking utensils, organizers, etc) and electronics (monitors, headphones, soundbars) are in general always in demand. We also know people who are leaving home want to keep an eye on their brand new stuff, that's why we detected that Security Cameras are also selling well.
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